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Love + Charity = Agape

1. Love God with all of your heart, body, mind and soul.
2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
Jesus Christ has said that we are the Light of the World.  A city set on top of a hill cannot be hidden, but is plainly visible for all to see.  Likewise, it is not practical to hide a light under a bushel basket, but the light should be visible for all to see.  Therefore let your light so shine before men and women that they might be attracted by it and be drawn toward it, that they, too, may become illumined by your light that comes from true repentance and the mikvah of regeneration: that is, Holy Baptism by triple immersion.
Does your heart contain the capacity to give true love?  For some, it is harder, and for some it is easier, and for still yet others, it is an acquired skill.  God calls us to love the Holy Trinity, Who is One in Essence and Undivided, Three Persons in One and yet One God in Three Persons.  God also calls you to love your neighbor, as yourself.  God tells us that by doing these two commandments perfectly, all of the law and the prophets are fulfilled.  It is also the only road to peace, because that peace begins with you and me.  It is also the first-fruits of the evidence of your Faith in Christ Jesus.  Without such evidence, the faith exhibited in Christ Jesus, is regretfully dead.  But with evidence of your Agape for God and neighbor being found in you, your light shines brightly for all to see!

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